WPTC 2014 – Coronado

2014 WPTC Conference: Coronado, California


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Wednesday, July 9th

KEYNOTE-Children in Mass Casualty Events

Damage Control in Abdominal Trauma
Steven Stylianos, MD

Is the Head Bone Connected to the Spine Bone? A Critical Analysis of Atlantooccipital Dislocation in the Pediatric Population
Douglas Brockmeyer

The Role of the Advance Practice Clinician
Lisa Runyon, CPNP

Successful Injury Prevention: Lessons from Patient Safety
Mike Dean, MD MBA

Overlooked Casualties of the War in Afghanistan
Stephen J. Fenton, MD FACS

Concussion or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury? A Pediatric Surgeon’s Persepective
Barbara Gaines, MD

Point-Counterpoint: Family Presence in the Trauma Bay Todd Maxson Steven Stylianos
R. Todd Maxson, MD FACS vs. Steven Stylianos, MD

End Points of Resuscitation 
James Davis, MD

A Heart-Warming Approach to Pediatric Hypothermia in the ED
Robert Bolte, MD

The Excitement of Performance Improvement and the Mystique of the Medical Audit Committee
Mary Hilfiker, MD PhD

Challenging Case
Eric Scaife, MD FACS

Thursday, July 10th

Evidence-Based ED Evaluation of Pediatric Head Trauma
Nathan Kuppermann, MD MPH

To Image or Not to Image? That is the question
Barbara Gaines, MD

Balanced Resuscitation in Children
R. Todd Maxson, MD FACS

Complex GU Trauma
Kathleen Graziano, MD

The Five W’s of Non-Operative Management Failure: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?
David Notrica, MD FACS FAAP

Pediatric Emergency Department Registries: What Does the Future Hold for Pediatric Research?
Lalit Bajaj, MD MPH

Top Ten Hits from the Pediatric Trauma Literature
Dennis Lund, MD

Point-Counterpoint: Can FAST be Trusted? Jamshidi 
Eric Scaife, MD FACS vs. Ramin Jamshidi, MD

The Rule of Thumb
James Davis, MD

Post Mortem Imaging
Ramin Jamshidi, MD

Pediatric Burns: Abusive, Neglectful, or Simply Accidental
Steven Moulton, MD FACS

Friday, July 11th

Not Just Little Adults: Unique Considerations in the Pediatric Difficult Airway
Sarena Teng, MD

Adelson.Is it Still “Cool” to use Hypothermia Following Pediatric TBI
David Adelson, MD FACS FAAP

ARDS The Trauma Never Ends
David Tellez, MD FAAP FCCM

Evidence-Based ED Evaluation of Pediatric Abdominal Trauma
Nathan Kuppermann, MD MPH

Na is Nice but Wet is Worrisome

Secrets to a Successful ACS-COT Visit
Steven Styianos, MD

Green to Orange: Changes in ACS Verification
R. Todd Maxson, MD


Benchmarks for Splenectomy in Pediatric Trauma: How Are We Doing?
Stephanie F. Polites, Elizabeth B. Habermann, Abdalla E. Zarroug, Amy E. Wagie, Martin D. Zielinski

Carseat Education for Parents: DVD-based Social Learning vs. Live Education
R Ragar, E Kuroiwa, A Baker, S Moffat, P Garcia-Filion, DM Notrica

Chair Lift Related Ski and Snowboarding Injuries in Children
Eric Glissmeyer

Development of a Pediatric Mobile Simulation Laboratory for Use in EMS for Children Related Outreach Education
Sean Caffrey

Family Support Committee Positively Impacts Emergency Department Care
Carol Swigart

Helicopter vs Ground Emergency Medical Services for Transportation of Traumatically Injured Children
Camille Stewart

Morbidity of Pediatric Dog Bites
Garvey EM, Twitchell D, Egan JC, Jamshidi R

Neurosurgery Follow-Up in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: Pre and Post Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Pediatric Concussion Program
B Villasenor, EM Weidler, P Garcia-Filion, R Ragar

Pediatric Facial Fractures: Demographic Determinants Influencing Clinical Outcomes
Kenny Chan

Pediatric Specific Shock Index Accurately Identifies Severely Injured Children
Shannon Acker

Prehospital Use of Tourniquets and Hemostatic Dressings in the Civilian Pediatric Trauma Population
Kathleen Berns

Preventable Transfers in Pediatric Trauma: A 10- Year Experience at a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center
Justin Lee, Ryan Metzger, Eric Scaife

Risk Factors for Cerebrovascular Injury Diagnosed by CT Angiography in the Pediatric Population: Implementation of a Prediction Score
Vijay M Ravindra MD, Jay K Riva-Cambrin MD MSc, Walavan Sivakumar MD, Ryan Metzger PhD, Robert J Bollo MD

Role of ERCP in Pediatric Blunt Abdominal Trauma: A Case Series at a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center
Garvey EM, Haakinson DJ, McOmber M, Notrica DM

Screening Labs for Pediatric Blunt Abdominal Trauma: A Quantitative Analysis
C Silva, JC Egan, P Garcia-Filion, R Jamshidi

Should Non-Accidental Trauma Patients be Admitted to the Trauma Service
Gilbert M, Magoteaux S, Notrica DM

Social Behavioral Cue Assessment in Child Abuse Evaluations
C Silva, S Magoteaux, D Notrica, JC Egan, S Zimmerman, A Raetz, A El-Ahmadiyyah, P Garcia-Filion

Suspected Non-Accidental Trauma in Pediatrics: Young Children with Suspicious Injury Warrant Further Examination
R Ragar, C Silva, S Zimmerman, S Magoteaux, N Schuren, A El-Ahmadiyyah, D Notrica, P Garcia-Filion

The Role of Psychology in Pediatric Non-Accidental Trauma
Robyn Finckbone

Thromboelastrogram is an Important Clinical Tool to Direct Transfusion in Pediatric Trauma Patients
Satbir (Rosie) Dhillon

Trauma Nursing Care in the ICU Setting at a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center
Lori Humphrey

Traumatic Tension Chylothorax in a Child: A Case Report
Burkley Snow