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Word Count: Not to exceed 350 words


  1. Title: Descriptive title, list of authors and institutions

  2. Introduction: 1-2 sentence introduction describing background or rationale for the study or project.

  3. Methods: Description of methods used

  4. Results: Pertinent results presented with appropriate statistical analyses.

  5. Conclusion: Succinct study conclusions

  6. Figures: Up to two images and/or tables are permitted (file formats: JPG, PNG, BMP). Image content/text and captions do not count towards word limit.


Research Category:

Research abstracts may include original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, or large case series. Isolated case reports are not eligible for submission in this category. This category includes original scientific investigation designed to produce new knowledge or approaches. If a submitted abstract describes animal experimentation or involves the use of human subjects, authors must be prepared to provide IACUC or IRB approval numbers upon request. 


Best Practices Category:

Best practice abstracts may include quality improvement projects, process improvement reports, expert panel consensus, or surveys of best practices/practice recommendations. This category may include ongoing or completed projects, including education programs, novel and innovative methods for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a program or policy.

Presentation Format
Manuscript Submission

Presentation Format:

Abstracts may either be selected for oral podium presentation or poster presentation. Presenting authors must register and attend the conference to present in-person.


Manuscript Submission:

All research abstracts selected for presentation are invited to submit a full manuscript for publication in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, WPTC Special Edition. Abstract presenters will receive an email regarding manuscript preparation and deadlines. Manuscripts are generally due in early July. Authors must follow formatting instructions for the Journal of Pediatric Surgery.

Prior Publication

Prior Publication:

Abstracts submitted to the WPTC may not be published previously or presented elsewhere in its current form prior to the 2023 Western Pediatric Trauma Conference. Abstracts previously presented at local or regional meetings may be submitted for consideration.

Blue Skies



Each year, the WPTC recognizes investigators for exceptional presentations and abstract contributions. Accepted abstracts will be eligible for the following:


  1. Young Investigator Award

    1. Please indicate at the time of abstract submission if the first author is a resident or fellow in order to be considered for this award.

  2. Kris Hansen Best Practice Award

  3. Research Poster Award

  4. Best Practice Poster Award

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